And if you compare the numbers to the other guys on those certain days,Paxton Lynch Jersey he punted just as good as or better than the rest of them, and his indoor punts were phenomenal last year, the three games indoors.Josh Norman Jersey I feel very confident about Jeff going forward." On the surface, Priefer appears to have a point.Will Fuller Jersey Playing outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium is very difficult, with the cold and windy conditions interfering with punts and kicks. However,Rob Gronkowski Jersey Priefer's claims about Jeff Locke's performance don't stand true when examined closer. Even when looking only at the nine games at TCF bank stadium, Locke's gross average of 41 yards per punt was lower than the opponents' average of 41.Andrew Luck Jersey6. Furthermore, Locke landed seven fewer punts inside the 20 yard-line than opponents and booted four more touchbacks.Breshad Perriman Jersey While Locke's punting compared slightly more favorably when looking only at TCF games, he was still outperformed by opponents, contrary to Priefer's claims.Kyle Long Jersey Priefer's second point also rings as only a partial truth. While Locke's indoor punts were indeed far better, they weren't exactly phenomenal.Braxton Miller Jersey Over three indoor games, Locke averaged 46 yards per punt, a mark that would have tied for 13th among punters.Roberto Aguayo Jersey Although that mark is far better than Locke's total production, it still only barely puts him in the top half of the league and comes from a very small sample size. While moving indoors will certainly help Jeff Locke,Michael Oher Jersey it's unlikely that it will make him anything more than an average punter. Even after looking deeper into the statistics, the coaching staff's continued confidence in Locke doesn't really make sense. The only possible explanation is that the coaching staff believes that Locke's problems are largely mental, and that supporting him will help him overcome them. After three years in the league, however, it certainly seems like Locke is who he is.